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Starting a Handmade Soap Business from Home, Being Supported

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Starting a handmade soap business and being supported is today's topic. Being Supported when we start anything new is important to all of us! And when we start a business that we are doing everything alone, in our kitchen we want the support of our friends and family. The handmade soap business is special and I have changed my views on support since I've started my Handmade Soap Business. What does this business mean to you and what is the way you want to be supported?

Here is a basic Cold Processed Soap Recipe I have gotten from a great Soap Business Supply Store. Just remember to plug this in your soap calculator so you can get the percentages so you are able to adjust the quantities if needed.
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28.7 oz Olive Oil
6.2 oz Coconut Oil
4.1 oz Shea Butter
2.1 oz Castor Oil
5.48 oz Lye
10.6 oz Distilled Water
2 tsp Sugar (added to lye water)
1.5 tsp Salt (added to lye water)
1.8 oz Fragrance Oil

I am not an expert, but I hope you enjoy the video and can at least take something from it. If you have any helpful hints or tricks you would like to share, I am constantly learning myself!

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