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Starting a Soap Business from Home, Base Line of Products

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There is so much to learn when starting your soap business from home and I had trouble finding resources to get information. I have found that having a base line of products or a few staple pieces for your handmade soap business is essential. When starting a business from home and wanting to make this more than a hobby, having a few products that your customers can rely on being there is important. You can change your base line of products but take some time to think about it so you are not switching your products out all the time. Doing that with your base line of products will not create consistency for your customers but just the opposite and create confusion. Think about the things you might always want to come back for as a starting point and go from there.

I am not an expert, but I hope you enjoy the video and can at least take something from it. If you have any helpful hints or tricks you would like to share, I am constantly learning myself!

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