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Stone Age Methods of Carcass Processing. 5: Sewing – Ompelu

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These films, made with the support of the Culture Project OpenArch, shows Stone Age methods of carcass processing and are made by the Kierikki Stone Age Centre, Finland

In Dec. 2014 Kierikki Stone Age Centre shot five short films (about five minutes each) on how reindeer carcasses were processed with Neolithic tools for the skin, bones, antlers etc. These films are in Finnish and English for use in the Kierikki exhibition and other means to the public.

Hanni Haapaniemi made the script, all plans and supplies and was acting in the films. She started the work in Oct. 2014. The filming was done by Joni Rajaniemi. Another actor was Mikke Reinikainen who made the bone artefacts. The films were edited in Spring 2015 and ready in Summer 2015. The films are silent films but there is spoken text both in English and Finnish behind the films which are shown in the Kierikki exhibition.

Episode 1: Carcass Processing – Ruhon käsittely [ссылка удалена]

Episode 2: Tanning – Nahan Parkitus [ссылка удалена]

Episode 3: Tendon String – Jännelanka [ссылка удалена]

Episode 4: Bone Needle – Luuneula [ссылка удалена]-lm0nm28

Episode 5: Sewing – Ompelu [ссылка удалена]-0ZmvjI

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