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Swimwear Sewing 101- Sew your own swimsuits!

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In this course I am breaking down the process of sewing a swimsuit into five easy-to-follow steps.

Step One: Choose and Cut Your Fabric
Step Two: Sew Shoulders, Side, and Crotch Seams
Step Three: Baste Main Suit and Lining Together
Step Four: Apply Elastic
Step Five: Fold Over and Topstitch Elastic

In the video I am using my own girl's Poolside Swimsuit pattern (girl's sizes 2-12) and I am offering it for FREE for all who sign up for my newsletter. Please see this post to sign up and get your pattern too:

Even if you want to use a different pattern, this video will help you feel more confident and give you the expertise to get started.

Thanks for watching!

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