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Tacky Handbags from My Collection I'll Never Sell & Why!

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Tacky luxury handbags from my collection I’d never sell and reasons why!

Ok, ok – so to start – obviously (imo) the Chanel Classic Flap isn’t tacky, as tacky things go. But it’s arguable that some of the other bags shown here are a bit tacky! Lol

I own a few items that I don’t wear much, or maybe haven’t worn at all in years – but I know I’ll never sell them, as there is a sentimental story associated.

Sometimes it’s not even that deep…. it’s simply that I love the bag too much to let it go. So here are my guilty pleasures; Louis Vuitton Artsy, Loewe Bunny Bag, Chanel Classic Flap in the large size and Lady Dior in patent baby blue.


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This video is not sponsored/AD.

I use affiliate links.

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