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  • 02:15 HANDMADE


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    Four intimate portraits about people who turn raw materials into unique pieces. I wanted to be able to observe the creative process behind pieces that are 100% handmade. The vision, technique, inspiration and dedication of their craft is exceptional, turn

  • 02:12 Handmade - Artisans in Black & White

    Handmade - Artisans in Black & White

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    I've spent a few years fitting in a short tip here and there to photograph craftsmen and women in New Hampshire and Maine. They've all found their passion and it shines through in every piece they create, everything from barns to soup bowls. I've included

  • 08:40 Our Handmade Planet

    Our Handmade Planet

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    A documentary travel tv show proposal created to preserve craft and help support craftsmen & women around the world. Created & Hosted by Alexandra Blatt. Cultural & Ethnological Expertise by Rita Sonal Panjatan

  • 00:15 The Handmade Movement: Vol.1 EP.4 "THE BLACKSMITH" (Teaser)

    The Handmade Movement: Vol.1 EP.4 "THE BLACKSMITH" (Teaser)

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    [ссылка удалена] presents “The Makers”, an online film series dedicated to the celebration of craftsmanship in the modern world. Each short film features a different artisan, unveiling the stories behind those makers and what it means to be a craftsman by