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TH#14: Michiel Kersteman (Handmade) - Rudy: A unicorn prototype of a week

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This talk was part of This happened Rotterdam #14.

Michiel is a Creative Technologist at Handmade (https://handmade.am) Amsterdam, a product invention lab that creates both physical and digital product experiences. Prototyping happens everywhere within the creative industry, but a full-fledged end-to-end product experience often takes months.
At Handmade they developed a method to tie every aspect of the product and system together within the first weeks of a project. They call this Rudy: A rudimentary prototype.
Michiel will show how Rudy allows them to build complex prototypes in a few weeks instead of several months with the example of a smart water tap. This tap recognizes what glass, jar or pan you put underneath it and will adjust the water flow, water limit, and temperature accordingly.

Video courtesy of Yorick Leusink Media Productions (http://yorickleusink.nl/)
Made possible by Design Platform Rotterdam (https://www.designplatformrotterdam.nl/) & WORM Rotterdam (https://worm.org)

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