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The Pixel Art Meme 【Sparklight - ALL BOSSES / No Damage / Melee Only*】

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Добавлено от Admin В Handmade
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Remember Owlboy? Chasm? Timespinner? Iconoclasts?
All those games that sold you on eye candy without any real engaging gameplay?
What is it with devs that put so much effort into their games looking good, but forget the most important thing?

I hope you came here to appreciate some pixel art, because no-one should buy a game where you have to keep dying to complete it. Where 80% if its features are irrelevant. Where it would perform better if it didn't decide it wanted to be a roguelite that offered nothing worth rouging for. Where you get too many upgrades that you lock yourself out of changing them.

Man, I can just keep going, but screw that. I hope I manged to save you a few bucks and let you enjoy some pretty pixels interactions.

------------------------------------------- Timestamps ----------------------------------------

00:00 - Intro
01:08 - 2 Patterns
03:17 - 3 Patterns
05:55 - 3.5 Patterns
08:48 - 4 Patterns
11:26 - 5 Patterns


* I used the bow at the very last part of final boss, due to problematic design issues.



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