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The Ultimate Guide To...Sewing Machine Needles?

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When you start learning how to tailor you're gonna realize that there are a TON of different needles out there. That's because sewing machines can do a lo of different things. And because we don't care to make quilts, we only need to know about two different ones starting off.

The first one is the universal needle. You can use that on almost anything. The thing about needles is that you can use them for a lot of different projects, but the problem is not all of them can do a very good job at them. Universal needles are GREAT to start off with, and it's what I use on most of my projects. I will use it for tailoring t shirts, dress shirts, dress pants, chinos, and sometimes denim, which I will explain later.

Denim needles are great because they can pierce the heavy denim that you might encounter. Now I don't use this, mainly because most modern denim isn't all that thick to begin with. A lot of my denim weighs around 11 oz, which the universal needle can handle pretty well.

Now you might not see names, but numbers on your needle, DON'T PANIC. There are two, one is American and one is European. American sizes go from 8-19 and European sizes go from 60 to 120. What they do is combine the two numbers with the lower the number the lighter the material. So 60/8 is going to be for thinner materials and 120/19 is for thicker materials.


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