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Trash To Treasure | The REAL Truth | New Series | Q&A

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Trash to Treasure | Upcycle Projects | DIY Home Decor | Dump Diving Haul | Restoring Trash | Trash To Cash | How to up-cycle

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Join me as I journey through growing and operating my handmade dream!

My name is Elysia English! A few years ago Elysia English Designs emerged after I traded an ugly old light fixture for a beat up old waterfall dresser! I use that money I earned from selling the old dresser to purchase materials for what became the beginning of a handmade adventure! My channel offers DIY videos for handmade crafters, business strategies for handmade business owners, and an inside look at all things running a handmade business! I hope to inspire others to live their dream of running their own business and creating a life they love!

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