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Undying Title Guide - EASY! FAST Glitches & Shortcuts! How to get Undying Seal Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

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How to get the Undying Seal in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Undying Title & Seal: Full Guide, EASY Glitches, Shortcuts, How to get Undying Title in Destiny 2 "How to get the Undying Title" "Undying Title Guide"

An in-depth look at everything that you will need to complete the Undying Seal in Destiny 2. I've compiled glitches, shortcut, and everything else including gun choices and other pieces that will help you complete this time-gated seal.

Note: Unlike other Seasons, the activities needed to complete this Seal are not always going to be available! Get after it ASAP!

#undyingtitleguide #undyingtitle #undyingseal

PS - I re-uploaded this video because it came in as 480p, instead of 1080p. Premiere updated and did some weird stuff.

Basic outline of Activities to Complete with Timestamps:
Introduction - 0:00
Collections Badge and Ritual Weapons Outline -1:28
Exit Strategy & Gambit Quest for Season 8 - 2:00
- Gambit Quest for Emblem and Shaders is in 3 parts

Choose either Strikes Quest or Crucible Quests for Ritual Weapons - 6:00

Randy's Throwing Knife Quest & Crucible Quest (Season 8: Battle Drills) - 6:40
- Crucible Quest, like the Gambit quest is in 3 parts.
- Play Momentum Control!!! Use Jade Rabbit or Scout if it is available.
-Win matches, earn Valor Ranks, defeat opponents and get guardian kills. Basically play a lot of Crucible and you'll eventually progress this. You'll get the quest done before Randy's Throwing Knife. Easy to do if you can get to 2100. Do the Solo Queue in Survival.

Edgewise Quest & Vanguard Quest (Season 8: First Watch) - 10:22
- Just like other activities, 3-part quest to earn Emblem and Shaders
---- Void Quest: Titan Middle Tree Sentinel, or Void Warlock
---- Arc Quest: Titan w/ Insurmountable Skullfort, Hunter w/ Combo Blow/Melee Regen Dodge.
---- Solar Quest: Honestly, the easiest one to do. Just play on a Solar Subclass

For any of these, you can also use the sword glitch and farming Strats outlined in the video.

Spear of the Fore Ship - 15:40
- Leviathan's Breath Quest - Follow this Video Guide! (YAY DATTO) [ссылка удалена]?v=jDN56HyXDOM

- Season Pass Armor Set or Dreamsbane Armor Set - 16:15

Moon Activities - 16:50
- Vex Overlord in All 3 Zones
- 10 Public Events w/ Full Seasonal Set
- 100 Finishers
- Void Melee/Grenade/Super Kills
- Arc Melee/Grenade/Super Kills

Vex Offensive - 19:50
- 100 Encounters Complete
- 3 Warp Gates Closed (Full Completions)
- Close Warp Gate Without Dying
- Hand Cannon, SMG, Bow, Fusion Rifle & Auto Rifle Kills
- SMG, Fusion Rifle & Auto Rifle Multi-Kills
- Hand Cannon & Bow Precision Kills
- 100 Finishers
- 100 Oracles Destroyed
- 3 Undying Mind Kills (Final Assault Completions)
- 4 Vex Offensive Weapons

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Destiny 2 is a First-Person Open World Shooter, where players can gather together to destroy the forces of darkness, that caused a great collapse of our civilization. Travel from Mercury to Titan, to Mars, the Moon, and the Rings of Saturn, as we fight to restore Earth to it's Golden Age.

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