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Who Suffered For Your Leather Shoes?

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These animals were TIED UP and forced to while other animals were killed in front of them. Every year, an estimated 2 million cows from India alone are bound, thrown onto trucks, and transported thousands of miles to Bangladesh to be slaughtered for leather.

Cows and goats are often illegally slaughtered for their skins on the streets of Bangladesh at night, and the animals are forced to watch others’ throats being cut with a knife. In official slaughterhouses, workers bind their legs and slit their throats—all while they’re still conscious. Every time you buy leather, you pay for these cruel practices to continue. Make your wardrobe kind with PETA’s vegan clothing guide: https://how-to-wear-[ссылка удалена]

Subscribe to #PETA: [ссылка удалена]

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